Music, Commercial and Wedding photographer Ben Jamieson in Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Words From Clients

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We've just looked through the photos - gasping and tearing up and laughing the whole time. Your work is STUNNING! Jason reports that he is at once "floored and over the moon" and I am left with few words - but thank you seems appropriate. Really, Ben, thank you - it was such a pleasure to work with you and though we were likely to think often and fondly of our wedding day anyway, having had the chance to work with you adds even more pleasure to our reminiscences.

P & J Wedding

[Ben's] photography is top notch and exceeded all our expectations. In addition to his talents as a photographer, Ben has a tremendous personality. A number of our guests approached us after the wedding to tell us how much they enjoyed him. Of all the different service providers that we dealt with for our ceremony and reception, Ben was hands down the most professional, accommodating, responsive, and the most fun.

K & J Wedding

After a good night sleep, and in the still of the morning, these photos bring tears to my eyes. They are so wonderful!

"H" Family Portrait Session

We absolutely love the pictures!!! You managed to capture our closeness and sillyness (I'm sure that's not even a word!) with amazing colors and sunset in the background.  The candid ones of K are beautiful.

Hill Family Portrait Session


I received the photos this morning and I'm on my 3rd go round.

I love love love the photos, they are awesome.  We could not have asked for anything more.  Thank you so much and I cannot wait for K to get home so he can look at them.

J & K Wedding

Thank you so much for everything! The pics look amazing and they turned out just like I thought they would turn out... gorgeous and beautiful! Me and Rob can't thank you enough for helping to make our wedding so memorable.

I love the pic of Alyssa getting ready it is just precious. I also love the one taken the day before where Rob is holding Alyssa... it is just priceless! I guess I could go on and on with the ones that I really like but I don't think there is enough room for all that. Words cannot explain how grateful and thankful we are for your photographs.

C & R Wedding

Ben you have done it again

Liz and I are in the airport speechless with happiness. I am mad our connection is too slow to get to the last two, three pages but what we saw is magnificent.

I think you may have unintentionally changed my honeymoon night plans, I should have waited until tomorrow to show her the pictures :) They are beautiful. I want to share this with so many people to show them how fast and fabulous (in Liz's Words) you are at photography.

We cannot begin to thank you for how much you have done for us and how happy we are to have chosen you out of the blue.

T & E Wedding